Recent client: Hide&Seek

Recent client: Hide&Seek

Hide&Seek team

Jesamy playing with the fun folks at Hide&Seek.

This past year we’ve had a couple of opportunities to work with the fabulous Game Design studio, Hide&Seek. If you haven’t come across them yet, Hide&Seek is leading the impressive conversation of games as a cultural movement and as a way for organisations to achieve their goals in a playful and engaging manner. These guys are legendary and fabulous fun, so we work with them whenever we have the opportunity.

We recently collaborated to build two online financial tools that were designed to help people cope with the upcoming UK benefits system restructure and Universal Credit implementation. We worked with Behavioural Economists, researchers and Hide&Seek to produce, design and build prototypes to help users develop long-term financial resilience. The principles of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, game mechanics and user experience design all played a critical role in the approach. We’re very excited to see the production code released to the public in the forthcoming months.

We also worked with Hide&Seek on the user experience design for a Kickstarter campaign for their new mobile game, Tiny Games. Seriously folks, designing a game with a group of game designers couldn’t be more fun. Everything is a game – including your “Time off In Loo” – a game that challenges the players to guess the length of time another player spends in the toilet. Lols. “Time Off In Loo” is incidentally one of the games you’ll be able to experience in the app when it launches. Jesamy are thrilled with Hide&Seek’s KickStarter success and absolutely can not wait for the TinyGames iPhone app to go live on App Store soon. Check out some of our work and watch the Kickstarter campaign video below.

Hide&Seek’s founder, Alex Fleetwood was kind enough to provide the following testimonial for us:

“Jessica and Amy are the perfect team for your design project – combining effortless charm with brilliant UX design, backed up with laser-focused attention to detail. We pitched them in to a complex design project and they handled clients and impossible deadlines with patience and skill. I’d recommend them unhesitatingly.”

Tiny Games – Kickstarter Video from Hide&Seek on Vimeo.

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