1537841_10151756231191353_1577348540_oAmy and I are in Mumbai with a laundry list of dreams.

This is my fifth visit to Mumbai. Those who know me well, know how much I love this city. Mumbai is a series of extremes – gorgeous food, endless honking, saturated colours, timeless smells, gorgeous people and irresistible opportunity paired against heart-breaking tragedy.

This trip has become our annual reset button. Every year, we return home with a heightened sense of gratefulness. The sun, food and vibrant colours untangle most of London’s wears, while the kindness and enthusiasm of India restore our excitement to connect and share.

Unfortunate circumstances postponed the annual conference we were booked to deliver. But there was no stopping Jesamy’s flight to Mumbai. Our agendas were instantly jammed with meeting developers, start-ups, investors, professors and students from IIT Bombay and endless dhal. We’ll let you know how it all goes. But one thing is for sure – there’s a palpable energy and enthusiasm that forces us to dream of a Mumbai <-> London Bridge (bridge).

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