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Amy and I are in Mumbai with a laundry list of dreams.
This is my fifth visit to Mumbai. Those who know me well, know how much I love this city.

Adventures in the Ministry of Justice

Since around March 2014, we have been consulting for the Ministry of Justice – a department of the UK Government and according to Computer Weekly, one of the most exciting start-ups in London.

FutureLearn FutureLanD

Back in the early Summer 2013, we had the pleasure of briefly joining the wonderful team at FutureLearn – a new start-up from the Open University.

Recent client: Hide&Seek

This past year we’ve had a few opportunities to work with the Game Design studio, Hide&Seek. These folks are leading the impressive conversation of game design as a cultural movement.

Recent client: JP West Training

Jesamy recently facilitated a Start-up Workshop for JP West Training to learn about Agile approaches, and to design, structure and prioritise a product road map for their new health & fitness mobile app.

Hello world!

Once upon a time there was a Jess and an Amy who dreamed of putting some power and klout back into the hands of the ‘doers’ and designing the company they want to work for. This is their story.