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  • Mumbai.


    2 years ago
    Amy and I are in Mumbai with a laundry list of dreams. This is my fifth visit to Mumbai. Those who know me well, know how much I love this city.
  • Adventures in the Ministry of Justice

    Adventures in the Ministry of Justice

    2 years ago
    Since around March 2014, we have been consulting for the Ministry of Justice - a department of the UK Government and according to Computer Weekly, one of the most exciting start-ups in London.
  • FutureLearn FutureLanD

    FutureLearn FutureLanD

    2 years ago
    Back in the early Summer 2013, we had the pleasure of briefly joining the wonderful team at FutureLearn - a new start-up from the Open University.

"Amy and Jess were lovely to work with and had a thoughtful approach to the mini projects we threw their way. They were good at challenging wooly thinking (in a nice way) but equally adept at taking new input and running with it, presenting and selling their ideas. Their innovative pairing approach is useful for projects that have some interesting UX challenges that need bouncing around and properly working through."

Matt Walton   |   Head of Product   |   FutureLearn

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Jesamy is a design & technology company founded by Jessica Wittebort and Amy Wagner. Based in London and specialising in online software, Jesamy aims to unite the world of user experience design and technology to create useful, playful, elegant and agile products that improve vital services and solve real problems.

"Jessica and Amy are the perfect team for your design project - combining effortless charm with brilliant UX design, backed up with laser-focused attention to detail. We pitched them in to a complex design project and they handled clients and impossible deadlines with patience and skill. I'd recommend them unhesitatingly."

Alex Fleetwood   |   Game Designer & Entrepreneur


Having spent 10 years leading design and technology teams and collaborating in the digital agency space, Jess and Amy founded 'Jesamy Ltd' to curate projects with an emphasis on creative, quick and valuable delivery.


Jess Wittebort

Jessica Wittebort

I'm quite proficient with

Colour blocking Wanting gold shoes Bad metaphors Jazz hands Roller skating

A back-up dancin' Product Designer from London (via Kentucky & Venezuela)

Jess began her career in design as an Art Director for print, radio and TV.

After several years working primarily for beauty, healthcare and aviation in the US, she shifted towards interactive design.

She started a business in NYC, called Raising Heartrates to build a community around inspiring NYC female triathletes and to support aspiring, disabled athletes.

Shortly after, Jess completed her Masters in Interactive Media with a focus on social technology’s curious ability to enhance and bridge the gap between online and offline spaces.

In 2007 she moved to lead Headshift’s UX team (later Dachis Group) where she spent the following five years designing public and private facing, social software aimed at enhancing brand and business efficiency.

Jess has worked with clients including BBC, BP, Coca Cola, Schlumberger, Yodel, HSBC and the Bank of England to name a few.

Amy Wagner

Amy Wagner

I'm quite proficient with

Cooking eggs Breaking into song Bad metaphors Anthropomorphising animals Dreaming of space

A guitar strummin' Agile Coach from London (via Melbourne)

Amy fell into the web around the turn of the century as a Visual Designer and Front End Developer. As the social web evolved, Amy spent time designing and implementing content management systems, discussion and networking tools for various consumer-facing web applications.

After a period specialising in Agile Project Management and leading the Agile Project Management and Technology teams at Headshift (later Dachis Group London), Amy turned her attention to Agile Coaching.

Since 2013, Amy has worked as an Agile Coach with several UK government organisations and departments including Government Digital Service (GDS) and the Ministry of Justice Digital Services (MOJDS). Amy delivers keynote talks to UK government departments (and occasional visiting international delegates!) and works with teams to embed digital by default thinking, a user needs led approach and evidence-based delivery metrics.

Amy likes to keep her 'making' brain fresh, so is always tinkering with code, design and her independent music publisher start-up, Hookline.

Amy is currently co-writing the Minimum Viable Book, a book about Agile and Lean written in an Agile and Lean way.

"Why the grass raft? In the summer of 2012, we were taking our standard Thursday lunch break on the River Thames in London. We were pipe dreaming about working together. There was a 80′s motorboat anchored 20 meters from our bench. We laughed about plotting a motorboat escape (read: hair blowing in the wind, white unitards, oversized champagne glasses)." Read our story